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Horizontal Property Regimes (HPRs)

Association Management, Inc. is adept at providing the professional services your community may require. We have chronicled a few of the circumstances that one of our newer clients recently faced.

Problem - During our presentation, the Board of Directors explained that calls from homeowners went unreturned and that service requests were not being completed in a timely manner. This lack of action caused may homeowners to call members on the Board to register complaints.

Solution - Upon execution of the management agreement, transition letters were mailed to all homeowners advising of the change in management and requesting that all outstanding requests be reported to our office. After receiving various reports, we immediately processed and completed a variety of service requests. Updates were not only provided to the homeowner by leaving a copy of the work order summary but the information was also given to the Board of Directors in their management report.

Problem - Recent storm damage had not been reported to the insurance company and there were numerous leaks resulting from this damage.

Solution - The storm damage was immediately reported to the Association’s insurance carrier and homeowners were provided notice. Estimates were received for the exterior and subsequent interior damages, estimates were collected and a contractor was selected. The work was promptly completed, inspected and invoices were satisfied.

Problem - The Board of Directors did not have access to the Association’s reserve funds as they were under the sole custody and care of someone other than the Board.

Solution - Instructions were provided to the Board of Directors regarding signature card processing for the Association’s reserve accounts, Fidelity Bond insurance was secured and the control, care and custody of the Association’s funds were transferred to the Board of Directors.

Problem - The Developer of the community turned control over to the Association’s Board of Directors without addressing outstanding warranty issues such as concrete replacement, vinyl siding replacement and painting.

Solution - All concerns were documented in writing and sent to the Developer via certified mail. Contact was established with a Developer liaison and the outstanding issues were properly addressed by the Developer.


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