Our Philosophy


Based on experience we have found many ways in which to improve the conventional style of “property management” and provide our clients with an incomparable style of community association management. First and foremost, we recognize that to be the best you must limit your focus and concentrate on one specific group of clients. At AMI our specific group is community associations. While these communities consist of three groups - condominiums (Horizontal Property Regimes), PUD’s (Planned Unit Developments), and HOA’s (Homeowner Associations) - all require the same knowledge and skill from your professional management company. AMI was founded on the principal philosophy of providing a full range of professional management services to community associations. To demonstrate our commitment to community association management we actively participate in continuing education courses offered through Community Associations Institute, maintain professional designations, and we are a member of the local chapter of Community Associations Institute.

In addition to providing these services, our management team works in conjunction with your community’s legal counsel in a constant effort to reduce and collect delinquent assessments. Our experience with assessment collection will maximize the potential to collect delinquent assessments and will aid in preventing new and recurring delinquencies.


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