Maintenance Service

Association Management, Inc. provides a maintenance department capable of handling the most simple request to the more complicated task. Our maintenance department has been directed by the same individual for the past twenty-three (23) years. This department works year round to assist homeowners in maintaining and enhancing their greatest assets - home and community. From the landscaping and grounds maintenance to the amenities and exterior home maintenance, your community will be cared for by a dedicated and experienced group of individuals who will work diligently to maintain the integrity of your most prized investment.

All service requests are processed and reviewed by the designated community association manager to ensure Association responsibility prior to completion. Once the service request has been completed, written documentation is left with the respective party and a permanent record is made electronically. All information is then distributed to the Board of Directors. This process affords each interested party the opportunity to be informed and is an effective means of communication.

Association Management, Inc. offers an Emergency Service available after regular business hours. A dedicated staff member will be available to assist our clients in the event of an emergency situation. 24 hours a day, help is just a phone call away!


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